Professionally trained weatherization crews under management of local Community Action Agencies and other non-profit organizations use computerized energy audits and advanced diagnostic equipment, such as a blower door, manometer or infrared camera to determine the most cost-effective measures appropriate for each home. More than 7 million homes have been upgraded since the program began in 1979.


Typical measures are installing insulation, sealing ducts, tuning and repairing heating and cooling systems, mitigating air infiltration and reducing electric appliance and lights consumption. Weatherization crews also perform health and safety tests that include testing heating units and appliances for safety.


Weatherization Funding is a major concern since the end of the $5 billion, 4-year program,funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. NCAF and our Congressional supporters are fighting to restore the funding to $230 million in 2014, the same as 2008 funding, as the base on which to build the future program. 

Banner Photo Credit to   Wayne National Forest  , Ohio.

Banner Photo Credit to Wayne National Forest, Ohio.